We are happy to give free advice to our customers, and give excellent after sales support. We will only sell items that we think are suitable for the customer’s requirements.

HOCH Standard Solutions offers full service and support for hundreds of automation product. Board level as well as chip level repairing component also undertaken.

We provide facility management services as per need of customer. In this facility our service engineers used to work as resident engineer at customer’s location and he has to follows normal rules and regulations of customer’s company like holidays, working time etc .

Customer can design his work responsibilities as per the need.

We are equally adept at helping small business make the most of their budgets and large companies solve tricky problems or plan large-scale changes.

Advantages of Registering for an AMC

  • Saves from unexpected Repairs and avoids cost for these repairs.
  • Round the Clock Service from Qualified Technicians.
  • Planned Services for your Products.
  • Genuine Spare Parts for high reliability.