Saves Money and Increases Convenience

Automated lighting is not just a convenience – it can reduce your energy consumption.

The most beneficial impact the system will have is on your monthly utility bill. No longer will you be spending money for household appliances left on in your family’s absence. You will also save on gas costs, as you will never need to stop by the house in order to turn something off or on. This is certainly convenient. You will have complete control to make sure costs are low without exerting any additional effort

If you are building a new home, or renovating your old home, you can install dedicated wiring for your lighting controls. If you have an existing home, you don’t need to miss out or pay a huge price for the convenience of having your lighting automated. Wireless systems are now available which enable all the switches to ‘talk’ to each other over radio frequencies.

The advantage of using an automated system is that it takes the element of human error out of the equation which means you’ll be able to save money. Installing light sensors, particularly in bedrooms, means you will no longer have to nag your children to remember to turn off the light when they leave the room. Sensors can also vary the light level to meet the changes in natural light. You can tailor the light levels for specific areas, bright lights in the kitchen, and mood lights in the home theatre; and when you’re ready for bed you can turn them all off with just one press of a button.