Why Automation?

  • How about having an intelligent lighting that works as per outside environment, control any room lights from any room of your home or any part of the globe. You need not get up and move to that place, rather control everything from wherever you want. Lighting automation helps you to save energy by cutting down unnecessary light usage.
  • How about motorized shades working intelligently to work as per lighting & other environmental conditions.
  • How about your HVAC room temperature getting adjusted as per outside temperature.
  • How about viewing your CCTV cameras & checking the security of your doors/windows remotely even when you are not at home.
  • How about having your favorite music listing in your hand. Enjoy it with just one press of a button.
  • How about controlling your Audio-Visual equipment with one touch and ensuring your room is ready for splendid movie experience.
  • How about switching off lights, HVAC, Audio Visual equipment’s and other electronic equipment while leaving home and that too just by one touch of a button.